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Ryzoncity - Imuzi Thompson

Considering them evil; my mom used to burn my creations up until I was 14yrs; my early inspirations came from the bible stories she read to us. Therefore, the biblical era took control of my dreams and visions. Naturally I transformed those into pencil drawings on paper and created my toys using telephone wires, since I was 3yrs. Through 2008 I lost touch with art significantly; my wasted years in high school had me neglecting my craft and also criticized.  2009 was my year of reckoning, I finally wrapped my mind around the internet for an extended period of time in a new city. I was suddenly yanked from that atmosphere and went back home that very year. I was in withdrawal; being exposed to mythology, anime, eroticism, fashion, social media! Seeing my favorite celebrities for the first time, and seeing art that people around me would misjudge -being celebrated as masterpieces. It was all there and then it was gone. Regardless, I was a fish out of water and I needed to go back to breathe. I brought forth my own mental ocean. I developed so many new ideas for stories, poems, drawings and paintings, even entrepreneurial ideas. I had no laptop so I wrote and drew on everything clear enough.  I started practicing and developing my styles, I even found new understandings with religion and with my purpose and place in this world. I stopped watching local television and religiously listened to the BBC radio. I struggled to show people my new understandings and naturally I was neglected and shunned by my friends and family. Now, I have become so confident in my craft, my style for various mediums is developed, I surround my thoughts with positive people, energy and I create without discrimination; without regards to common human limitations (religious, moral, etc.) and without regrets. Some things I keep hidden, some works can must never be sold or seen and even I am surprised at the things I create sometimes as if I am falling out of a trance. My Place is to know that everything operates on a frequency and it is My Purpose to hone the capability to tap into any frequency I desire; to be inspired to create everything, without indulging in anything. “There’s always more… Eccentric Artistry.” Ryzoncity :)


Artwork By This Artist

Price: CHF 370.00

Ink on watercolour paper 41x61cm

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Ink on watercolour paper 45 x 61 cm

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Ink on watercolour paper 45 x 61 cm

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Ink and ball point pen on watercolor paper 45 x 61 cm

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Ink and ball point pen on water color paper 45 x 61 cm