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Lisa Remeny

Lisa Remeny

Tropical Modernism


“A  homage to the tropics and the natural world…”

The light and lushness of the tropics have been a continuous source of inspiration for artist Lisa Remeny.  Her paintings reveal an affinity for all things equatorial:  sunlight and moonlight reflected on clouds and seascapes, exotic flowers, fruits, and palms.  From the Caribbean to the South Pacific, Remeny interprets her surroundings through oil paintings and mixed media on paper ranging from photo-realistic to semi-abstract. She began publishing her work, first in the form of greeting cards, in 1982. Remeny was born in subtropical Miami and after graduating from California College of the Arts, and lived for an extensive period in Jamaica, West Indies. She now lives in Coconut Grove, Florida and paints on location throughout the tropics.  Her work is in private and public collections worldwide.

“I am moved to re-create beautiful things; drawn to the light, to look for the magic. My intention is to promote to an aura of peace, happiness and well being.”

Artwork By This Artist

Price: CHF 9,740.00

Oil on canvas, 119x119x5cm, framed

Price: CHF 14,248.00

original 152x91x5 cm, oil on canvas, framed

Lisa Remeny-Passionately-494
Price: CHF 3,210.00

Oil on canvas

Lisa Remeny-An Afternoon on Doc and Jonna's Veranda-340
Price: CHF 5,740.00

91x 122cm

Lisa Remeny-Carambolas and Lilies-393
Price: CHF 1,040.00

Water colour on paper, unframed, 8"x6"

Lisa Remeny-Baskin' in the Sun-273
Price: CHF 2,040.00

Original, oil on canvas,  30.38 x 61cm framed