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Katrina Coombs

Katrina Coombs was born in 1986, in Kingston, Jamaica. She holds a BFA with honours in Textiles and Fibre Arts (2008) and a Certificate in Curatorial Studies (2009) from the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts and a MFA in Creative Practice from the University of Plymouth via Transart Institute (2013). Coombs work has been featured in many exhibitions since 2008, including the Jamaica Biennial 2017 and she was one of the young artists featured in Young Talent 2015 at the National Gallery of Jamaica. She has also curated and exhibited in the exhibition Dimensions of Womanhood at the 2016 Kingston on The Edge (KOTE) Urban Arts Festival and participated in Re-Frame Manila, in the 2016 London Biennale Manila Pollination, Phillippines. Coombs weaves and stitches fibres and textiles into sculptural forms, engaging the sometimes ambivalent and stigmatizing ways society engages the female persona. She lives and works in St. Andrew, Jamaica.


Artwork By This Artist

Price: CHF 3,224.00

Handwoven mixed fibers, 63x63cm

Price: CHF 3,679.00

Handwoven and embroidered mixed fiber, 155x109cm

Price: CHF 2,566.00

Starched threads and pins 44x41x14 cm   

Price: CHF 2,369.00

Hand woven nylon, pins and mirror. 67x56x13 cm.

Price: CHF 2,932.00

Hand woven nylon & wire on silk painted satin 145x61x36 cm