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Due West 2020

Due West 2020

National Gallery West is pleased to present Due West 2020 art exhibition, scheduled to open on January 19, 2020.  Due West 2020 aims to discover and showcase works of artists who live in or are from Western Jamaica.

Artworks by14 artists namely, Trisannia Watson, Indie Allen, Esther Chin, David Pinto, Penelope Stewart, Nathan Robb, Andrea Jadusingh, Kate Moyston, Andrew Duhaney, Deon Simone, Greg Bailey, Naomi Redway, Krystall Ball and Ivor Walters have been selected for this year’s exhibition;  covering a range of styles, including painting, photography, audio visual art, fibre art, mixed media and sculpture.  

Due West 2020 opening reception takes place on Sunday January 19, 2:00pm at National Gallery West, at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre and all are invited.  From January 19 – April 10, 2020 voting is opened to members of the public who have seen the exhibition. The winning artist for the cash award will be announced April 11, 2020.  

For additional information, please visit our website www.montegobayculturalcentre.org or contact our office at (876) 940-6402 /971-3920


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