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Elpedio Robinson


Many come to the realization of their talents through various means and at various stages. Everol Elpedio Robinson came to his at the age of eight quite by accident: his teacher, Ms. Lovelace, requested his help to prepare teaching aides. She, as well as he, was surprised at how well he could draw and encouraged him by giving him tasks that required drawing. He loved his newfound talent and the attention it brought him and seized every opportunity to hone his skills.

It was in secondary school, however, under the tutelage of his Art teacher, Mr. Hamm, that he realized his talent was more than just a hobby. In the summer of 1978, his teacher entered some of his pieces in a regional inter-secondary school competition. He won and was featured in the Gleaner for his representation of Forbes Burnham, then Prime Minister of Guyana. The chief adjudicator of the competition was Jerry Craig, the then head of Jamaica School of Art, now Edna Manley College of the Visual Arts. He told Everol's art teacher to ensure he went on to the college at the end of his secondary education.

At the School of Art, Everol was one of three youngest students and soon found the going quite challenging. Undaunted, however, he practiced and studied assiduously and by the end of the first term, he was comfortably settled in. In his third year of college, he got his first major commission to depict the 1831 Sam Sharpe, or the Christmas Rebellion. This commission was sponsored by the government.

His sojourn, upon leaving college, took him into teaching (Kingston Technical High School) then into the corporate world: Island Life Insurance Company-senior accounting clerk) and Prime Life Assurance Company'- Client Services manager. However, the urging of his talent got so intense, he found it difficult to concentrate on his duties as the client services manager at Prime Life Assurance Company. Consequently, he resigned in 1999 and started his full-time career as an artist in 2000.

At this point, he wanted to distinguish himself from his corporate history so he decided to use his middle name, Elpedio. His first solo show as a full-time artist, was at Grosvenor Gallery and he has participated in several group shows, including the National Gallery's annual show. His works are in several collections throughout the world.

Elpedio has a very uncomplicated view of his art. To him, it is a means of communicating his messages to the world. He therefore asserts that he does not paint imageries but rather ideas, the imageries are simply symbols embodying the ideas. A circle can be seen in all his pieces and it represents progress. To him progress is an unending journey taking him closer and closer to his perfection, another unending journey. Elpedio works full time from his home studio in the cool, quiet clime of rural St. Andrew.



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