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Si Mi Yah!

Si Mi Yah!

In recent years painting exterior of buildings with daring, bright colours have grown in popularity in Jamaica.  My fellow Swiss first time traveller to Jamaica drew this to my attention when she kept taking photos of colourful buildings as we travelled across the island.  Both surprised and fascinated by the colours she pointed out that they defined the landscape.  Buildings from the early to mid-20th century were dragged into the 21st with shocking colours, experiencing something of a ‘come back.’ Brightly painted new buildings were landmarks amidst the lush green country side. Possibly the boldest we saw was a three-storey house painted luminous green and pink.  In some instances, advertisements were incorporated in external décor giving them a semi-permanent home.   

These vividly coloured buildings, from humble dwellings to public buildings all seem to say, ‘Si mi yah’ - look, I am here!


Photos by Susan C.

DA June 2018