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Is Port Royal a…?

Is Port Royal a…?

Port Royal is among the few locations in Jamaica with a well-known history dating from the 1400s when the Spaniards arrived.  It was the place of high drama for the town hosted the rich and infamous, who made deals and amassed wealth from piracy.  By the 1600s Port Royal was the richest city in the Americas.

A devastating earthquake and tsunami in 1692, however turned this thriving, densely populated town with four fortresses and large naval base, to a fishing village today with neither economic nor political significance. But is it?

 There are good reasons to visit Port Royal, this little town at the end of the Palisados spit. A legacy of its fascinating history are important archaeological sites and artefacts worth seeing. Take a guided tour of Fort Charles, the naval museum and other historic sites.

 The architecture of the fishing village is unique, and residents won’t mind you walking through, as long as you respect their privacy.

In case you visit on a week day you’re likely to see smartly dressed cadets of the Caribbean Maritime University. They are open to having a chat with you about their program. In addition, the University of the West Indies Marine Laboratory is in Port Royal as the surrounding region has a rich biodiversity.

 While you are there visit Gloria’s restaurant and enjoy views of the harbour, as you wait on a sumptuous sea food meal.  If your time is limited order in advance.  

So, is Port Royal essentially an archaeological and potential UNESCO world heritage site, or a fishing village, a university town, or even a tourist site with untapped potential?

Let me know what you think after your visit.


For Port Royal’s history visit - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port_Royal

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March 2019