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How to celebrate Christmas

How to celebrate Christmas

At this time of year, I become a little nostalgic for Christmas rituals in Jamaica, for they characterize many Jamaicans’ way of life.  Traditions such as the Christmas grand market, warm eggnog in the morning; for the Christian community early morning church service, or a day at the beach; big family lunches, sorrel drinks with or without rum; as well as exchanging of gifts that every child looks forward to. You can find several articles on the internet about Christmas in Jamaica but here is my preferred list

Culture Trip – How to celebrate Christmas in Jamaica, by Lindsay Kilifin 2016: https://theculturetrip.com/caribbean/jamaica/articles/how-to-celebrate-christmas-in-jamaica/

Jamaicans.com – The 5 Must Haves for an enjoyable Jamaican Christmas, by Denise Clarke 2014:https://jamaicans.com/5-must-have-enjoyable-jamaican-christmas/

Swiss Fries – 6 Jamaican Christmas Traditions you should know about, by Toni-Ann 2017: https://www.theswissfreis.com/6-jamaican-christmas-traditions-know/

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A Reggae Christmas Favourites:

Jamaican Christmas Vacationhttps://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/FMfcgxvzMBnzXclSmRnCcCPZCwGZXXfj?projector=1


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