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Finding Fine Art

Finding Fine Art

There are several art galleries and studios in Jamaica, but you can also find fine art in less conventional places.  Here are a few suggestions of where to find art

Craft shops and markets – Several fine artists are comfortable being closely associated with craft. Visit the craft markets and look for artworks that are not typical or mass produced.  Have a talk with the vendor about the artworks and the artists to confirm that you have found a fine art.  

Gift shops – Some artists merge fine art with gift items.  These are good locations to find a variety of craft items and artisanal products of exceptional quality that are 100% Jamaican.

-    Nesha’s Art Gallery, 20 Main Street, Shop #1 Corner Stone Plaza, Ocho Rios
-    Mud Palace Gallery, Old Wharf Road, Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth
-    Things Jamaican stores in Kingston and the two main international airports


Art and food – Restaurants, especially those owned by artists or art collectors.  

-    Gallery of Joe James, Rio Bueno Main Street, Rio Buena
-    Ahhh...Ras Natango, Camrose District, Granville, Montego Bay


Art galleries and studios – There are a well establish and new galleries, as well as, art studios worth visiting. Here are the names of a few:

-    Creative Framing & Art Gallery, 4 Constant Spring Rd, Kingston,
-    Gene Pearson Gallery, R Hotel, 2 Renfrew Road, Kingston
-    Grosvenor Gallery, 1 Grosvenor Terrace, Kingston
-    Hi Qo Art and Framing Gallery, 24 Waterloo Road, Kingston
-    Island Art and Framing, 20 Barbican Road, Kingston
-    Olympia Gallery, 202 Old Hope Road, Kingston
-    Portland Art gallery, Old Railway Building, West Street, Portland
-    Red Easel Gallery, 93 Old Hope Road, Kingston
-    Revolution Gallery, 44 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston
-    ROKTOWA Artists Collective, 8 Pechon Street, Kingston
-    Sanaa Studios, 25 Barbican Road, Kingston
-    Amai Craft, 30 Red Hills Road, Kingston


National Galleries and museums – While in Kingston, visit the country’s main art museum, the National Gallery of Jamaica, which was established in 1974 and the largest of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean. The western branch of the National Gallery is housed at the Montego Bay Cultural Centre, at Sam Sharpe Square.

Also visit our art gallery:  https://www.experiencejamaique.com/product_gallery





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