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Buying Art Online

Buying Art online

It’s one thing to see an artwork in a gallery or art fair that you like and purchase it.  It’s quite another buying artworks online, for it is not the same as buying household items or booking a trip.  So, I fully understand you feeling a little wary of taking the leap to buy an artwork at Expérience Jamaïque gallery or any other online gallery.  With experience I have gained confidence with taking the plunge and bought art online.  Here is what I do:

1.    I tend to choose online galleries with a relatively small collection. But there are also benefits to shopping at large, well known galleries, such as Artsy that offer seemingly unlimited options. The larger galleries help me to get a sense of what is current in the art market. Galleries that specialize in a type of art or region generally have smaller collections from which to choose. Expérience Jamaïque gallery is boutique gallery offering artworks mainly by Jamaican fine artists. Simply contact us any time at our Chat box should you wish to have further information about an artist and their artworks.

2.    Before getting lost in all that is on offer, I usually think about what kind of artwork I’d like for myself or as a gift.  Having some idea helps with not getting too side tracked.  It’s like buying a piece of clothing online. Knowing what you want increases the chances of successfully finding the right item, although there could be a few pleasant surprises along the way.  So, stay focused, but also peruse the gallery with an open mind, allowing yourself to be inspired by an unexpected artwork.

3.    Have an idea of what price range you are prepared to spend. While prints are generally at the lower end of the price range, original artworks cost a lot more as they are one of a kind.  Usually built in the prices are the artist’s fee, the gallery commission (for Experience Jamaique gallery 30%) and shipping costs.  Some galleries also include VAT and import duties.  Expérience Jamaïque gallery prices include the cost of shipping via reliable courier services - DHL, UPS and FedEx. VAT and import taxes are paid by the customer. The delivery time between Jamaica and Switzerland is generally within seven days.

4.    I always look to see which artworks I find appealing and feel a sense of connection.  As the artwork you buy will be around for some time, you really want to select something that has some level of meaning.  This is also important to the artist for whom their artwork carry great meaning.

5.    Interior home designers also recommend considering the room and location where the artwork will be placed.  If your choice is mainly based on interior décor the artwork’s size, colours and medium are important.  But don’t be hindered by these specifications if you find an artwork that you really like.  Take a bold step and buy it if it really appeals to you.

6.    I like to know about the artist and the history behind their artwork for it helps me to better appreciate them. It also makes great conversation topic with other art enthusiasts.  At Expérience Jamaïque gallery, we can provide extensive biographical information on each artist and meaning of their artworks.   You can even have a conversation with the artist upon request. All artworks are delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

7.    Always use a reliable and secure payment systems when buying online.  PayPal has a global reputation for providing secure payment services.  Expérience Jamaïque is a secure website with PayPal for managing payments.



October 2018