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About Trelawny in Jamaica

About Trelawny in Jamaica


 Trelawny is a parish north west of Jamaica, surrounded by the Caribbean Sea to the north, the parishes of St. James to the west, St. Elizabeth and Manchester to the south and St. Ann to the east.  

 Trelawny shares the mountainous Cockpit Country that runs across the centre of the island and is home to several endemic species of flora, fauna, birds and other wildlife. https://www.visitjamaica.com/listing/cockpit-country/2181/

 Named after a former British governor of Jamaica, Trelawny was established in 1770.

 Trelawny is the home of Olympic gold medal winners Usain Bolt (2008, 2012, 2016), Veronica Campbell-Brown (2004,2008) and Michael Frater (2012) as well as other elite athletes such as Marvin Anderson, Lerone Clarke, Dane Hyatt, Rosemarie Whyte,  Inez Turner, Debbie-Ann Parris, Sanya Richards, Ben Johnson and Michael Greene. There are several more athletes from Trelawny who have made a name for themselves in US basketball.

 Jamaica’s premier dance troupe, the National Dance Theatre Company was founded in 1962 by Rex Nettleford a son of Trelawny. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Dance_Theatre_Company_of_Jamaica

  Falmouth, the capital of Trelawny has one of the best-preserved Georgian architecture towns in the Caribbean. Built as of 1790, it reputedly had piped water before New York city.

 Falmouth Parish Church built in 1795 (also known as St. Peter’s Anglican) is the oldest public building in Falmouth. The land was donated by Edward Barrett, part of whose estate had been bought to lay out the town. St. Peter’s Anglican church is among Trelawny’s heritage sites.   https://jis.gov.jm/information/jamaica-heritage-sites/trelawny-heritage-sites/

  Sugar and rum production are key sources of employment in Trelawny, along with the wider agricultural sector, manufacturing and tourism.

  Trelawny is emerging as a major player in Jamaica’s tourism sector according to the Minister of Tourism, who also said; “Trelawny is finally coming into its own and is poised for greatness. It already has some of the finest infrastructure to support the tourism product. These include the leading cruise port, rafting on the legendary Martha Brae River, cultural excursions into Maroon history, exploration of the Windsor Caves, the adventures of Chukka Caribbean at Good Hope, and so much more.”    https://jis.gov.jm/trelawny-emerging-as-major-tourism-player/


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